Production Process


All Preseli Lodges & Garden Rooms are built to BS 3632 Standard, at our new manufacturing facility in Pembrokeshire. We use both traditional methods and state-of-the-art technologies to produce high quality trend-setting lodges.


Our dedicated planning and design team excel at providing clients with 3D designs and bespoke floorplans. The design process includes an initial 2-3 hour session, in which we discuss all aspects of the build. During this session we offer a wide selection of materials for our clients to pick from including; hardwood flooring, panelling, cladding and other finishes. We are consistently looking for new products and technologies, so that we can offer new and exciting concepts to our clients.

Are you interested in seeing how the lodges are made, and visiting our showroom?

Our showroom, based in Pembrokeshire, will allow you to take a look at our range of lodges and garden rooms. Visits are available by pre-appointment. During this appointment we take our clients on a factory tour where they will see the various stages of production. At the end of this tour we can show you one of our showroom lodges and find out more about your plans.

To get started, please fill in the below form, specifying what you'd like to come and see, as well as your preferred date!